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Doctor of Clinical Christian Counseling


Prerequisites: Master’s Degree or Equivalent

The Doctor of Clinical Christian Counseling is designed for counselors, pastors, and educators who are seeking advanced scholarship and practical competence in biblical counseling. The Doctor of Clinical Christian Counseling prepares our students to attend to issues of faith and spirituality while addressing the mental health needs of persons.


Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

  • BTH106 Bible Doctrines

  • CED140 A Survey of the Bible

  • BPA211 Study Methods

  • BPA475 Understanding Prayer

  • GCCS610 Crisis Counseling I

  • GCCS620 Crisis Counseling II

  • GCCS623 Counseling for Change

  • GBPA540 Anger’s Slippery Slope

  • GCCS301 Building Strong Marriages and Families

  • GCCS650 Suicide and the Evil Force Behind It

  • GCCS530 Conflict Management and Resolution

  • BCC101 Basic Christian Counseling

  • THE301 Temperament Theory

  • THE201 Testing/Measurements

  • THE306 Temperament Therapy

  • PSY301 Christian Psychology and Counseling


Graduates should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to provide mental health services to the church and community.

  • Be prepared to contribute to the development of knowledge as it relates to integrating faith and reasoning.

  • Be equipped to apply insights of Christian theology along with the knowledge and techniques of the behavioral sciences.


Admission Requirements

  • Master’s degree in a cognate field of ministry or counseling validated by a transcript.

  • Five years of full-time professional experience in pastoral ministry or counseling

  • Completion of the Application Procedure


Your theological journey starts here.

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