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Master of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling


Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent

The Master of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling (M.A.C.C.) degree Program is designed to prepare the student for a specialized ministry in the counseling of individuals, couples, families and special focus groups within the context of the local church, para-church ministries, church-related agencies, or other religious settings and incorporates the programs which will allow for National Christian Counseling Association (NCCA) certification and or licensure.


The program enables the student to employ integrative therapies: integrating proven, effective counseling methods, models and modalities, with sound biblical and theological principles. The vision of the church is to be a healing community. Hope for hurting individuals and families is an essential element of the Christian message. The MA program equips the student to help people realize personhood wholeness in every area of human life – spirit, mind, and body – and to facilitate marriage and family harmony and enrichment.


Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

  • GCCS629 Counseling, Psychology and the Christian

  • GCCS610 Crisis Counseling I

  • GCCS620 Crisis Counseling II

  • GCCS301 Building Strong Marriages and Families

  • GCCS520 Abnormal Psychology

  • GCCS650 Suicide and the Evil Force Behind It

  • GCCS530 Conflict Management and Resolution

  • BCC101 Basic Christian Counseling

  • THE301 Temperament Theory

  • THE201 Testing/Measurements

  • THE306 Temperament Therapy

  • THE412 Thesis


Each student will be assigned an academic advisor to help him or her throughout this program.


(Courses are subject to change at the suggestion of your academic advisor)


A total of 39 semester hours are required, with a minimum of thirty semester hours from CBIS. A 2.5 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. Each course is worth 3 semester hours.


Your theological journey starts here.

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