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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are issued by Colorado Christian Bible Seminary (CCBS) for completion of a collection of courses. Courses may transfer to a degree program at Colorado Christian Bible Seminary. Choose from any of the certificate programs below to get started!

Certificate in Christian Leadership

Credit Hours: 12
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent

The Certificate in Christian Leadership (C.C.L.) is a 15-hour academic program. This program provides advanced training in leadership for current and future pastors, ministry leaders in churches, managers in Christian organizations, business-as-mission entrepreneurs, missionaries, teachers, administrators, and evangelists.

This program welcomes students with secular or Bible college degrees, with or without ministry experience, who are interested in leadership and desire to sharpen their skills, be challenged, and make a significant impact for Christ and His kingdom around the world. Students are equipped to plan, organize, lead, resolve conflicts, assess, manage change and direct a variety of church and para-church ministries in a local or global setting.

Ministry Preparation Program

Credit Hours: 30
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent

The Ministry Preparation Program (MPP) exists to prepare men and women for ministry in the local Church through a series of courses that earn three semester hours of credit each. All work completed will be placed on an official CCBS transcript.

Each individual accepted into the CCBS Ministry Preparation Program will be enrolled as a CCBS student under the normal application qualifications and procedures. A Certificate of Completion will be given to those who successfully complete all 10 courses.

Students will be required to purchase textbooks for each class. These books will not only serve to enhance the learning for each course but will become a valuable personal library resource for future ministry. Your syllabus will explain what is required in terms of exams, quizzes, class projects or term papers. Take note of the course requirements presented in each syllabus.

Classes will typically require 10 to 15 hours a week of study for four to six weeks.

Pastoral Care & Counseling Certificate Program

Credit Hours: 12
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent

The Pastoral Care & Counseling Certificate Program is a biblical approach to caring for people in the community, local church or ministry context. In addition, you will learn when to refer people in your care to professional counselors or more experienced pastors.

This certificate is a foundational qualification and is designed for those who want to learn the introductory skills of pastoral care and counseling.

It is ideal for those in pastoral care, small group setting or any ministry that is focused on listening and caring for people in a practical way.

Certificate in Biblical Preaching Program

Credit Hours: 12
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent

The Certificate in Biblical Preaching provides exposure to the Homiletical process of developing biblical messages. It is designed for individuals who desire to develop their preaching skills for service in church settings.

Certificate in Theology Program

Credit Hours: 12
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent

This certificate can help you gain a deeper understanding of theology, vital truths in Scripture, and Christian ministry methods and applications. You can also benefit from coursework that encourages you to develop your personal walk with the Lord.

Your theological journey starts here.

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