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Colorado Christian Bible Seminary is a newly established online school founded in 2024 in Florida by Dr. Tony L. Metoyer, President. We offer our students a self-study, self-paced educational opportunity that can be achieved from the comfort of their home.  However, it is our plan to provide a Learning Management System (LMS) platform for those who desire an online visual classroom experience with their instructor as Phase II of our program. Our first year we anticipate over 10 – 20 enrolled full-time students in CCBS programs.


CCBS is incorporated in St. Petersburg, Florida with the ability to onboard students from Colorado and other states across the U.S. Colorado Christian Bible Seminary is an Interdenominational Christian Bible Seminary with the mission to provide affordable biblical education and theological training for anyone who is interested in earning a Bible Degree, to further enhance their Ministry.



CCBS offers a remote learning environment that combines correspondence and social media support for online courses, depending on the specific program of study selected.

Your theological journey starts here.

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