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Degree Program Overview

Personalized Degree Programs Designed to Meet Your Individual Goals

Are you looking for a degree program that will enhance your ministry and help you fulfill your calling?

CCBS is here to support you.

We’ll help you design a degree program plan that meets your individual needs.

If you’re seeking entry level ministry training, we offer a three year course of study.

If you’re looking for a way to finish your Bachelor’s degree, we offer a Bachelor’s degree completion program.

If you’re looking for advanced training, we offer graduate degrees in Theological Studies, Christian Leadership, Christian Counseling, and Christian Education.

We’re here to help you.

Christian Bible Institute & Seminary offers both Undergraduate and Graduate studies in a number of Christian majors. Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree,  and Doctorate Degree Programs are offered with courses that build foundational blocks to allow students to easily move not only from one course to another, but also provide the incentive to move on towards the next level of degree studies with accomplished core courses.

The courses are structured in a simple format to provide students basic understanding of the main principles allowing the students to move through their degree courses, and in turn their programs at a faster pace. Students study independently at their own pace, which allows those that are motivated to complete their studies much sooner than in traditionally controlled programs.

100% Self-Paced Degree Programs, Study Anytime, Study Anywhere. You choose a schedule that is convenient for you. Although you study at your own pace, there is always access to a personal Academic Advisor that will assist you when needed.

Dual Degree Program


The Dual Degree Program allows the student to earn both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree by completing the required courses for the Bachelor’s degree and a thesis for their Master’s degree. The student may also earn both a Master’s and Doctorate degree by completing the required courses for the Master’s degree and a Doctoral dissertation ONLY, for their Doctorate degree.


The Dual Degree Program can be completed in as few as two (2) or three (3) years for most full-time students.  Additional time may be required for students who have not satisfied all of the CCBS degree requirements.


Students are eligible to receive both degrees together after all requirements are completed for both degrees.


The concentration for both degrees must be the same. Students who wish to pursue a different area of concentration/major must contact an Academic Advisor for terms, conditions, and payment options.


Published literary works may be accepted in lieu of submitting a dissertation and or thesis upon review by our Thesis/Dissertation Committee.

Design your own Degree Program!


Interested in a degree that’s not listed on our website? We can help you create a customized degree program that matches your interests and goals. With our custom degree program we can offer many of the same degrees and or majors that most other schools offer. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your academic needs and goals. We would like to help you get the degree that you deserve and the degree that you desire.


We have a catalog of over more than 300 courses, most of which are not listed on our website. Please contact us if you are interested in a particular course that you do not see listed here on our website.

Degree Completion Plans


One of the smartest tools you can use to reach your educational goals is your Degree Completion Plan (DCP). Like a road map to success, the DCP spells out required and optional courses for your degree and their credit value, with space for you to document the semester each course was taken and the grade you received as you advance through your program. Using the DCP will allow you to plan your approach, monitor your progress, stay on track and avoid pre-graduation surprises.

Below is a picture of our degree and custom frame.


Your theological journey starts here.

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