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Certificate in Christian Leadership

Credit Hours: 15
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent

The Certificate in Christian Leadership (C.C.L.) is a 15-hour academic program. The certificate provides advanced training in leadership for current and future pastors, ministry leaders in churches, managers in Christian organizations, business-as-mission entrepreneurs, missionaries, teachers, administrators, and evangelists.


This program welcomes students with secular or Bible college degrees, with or without ministry experience, who are interested in leadership and desire to sharpen their skills, be challenged and make a significant impact for Christ and His kingdom around the world. Students are equipped to plan, organize, lead, resolve conflicts, assess, manage change and direct a variety of church and parachurch ministries in a local or global setting.


Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Certificate

  • ADM 311 Leadership in Ministry 1

  • ADM 422 Leadership in Ministry 2

  • BPA 460 Ethics and Excellence

  • BPA 470 Workings of the Five-Fold Ministry

  • GBPA 520 Leadership Roles and Responsibilities


Registration Fee: $50.00
Tuition Cost: $600.00

Your theological journey starts here.

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